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Governance, Security, and Monitoring

Makes it easy for administrators to search and organize datasets as well as monitor access and user activity.
Data governance
  • Organize all your data tasks into clearly identified projects.

  • Document all your actions and datasets

  • Search for data, comments, features, or models in a centralized catalog.

Enterprise-level security
  • Secure your data with fine-grained access rights.

  • Monitor all users’ activities and rights through logs and dedicated dashboard.

  • Integrate your own directory services (LDAP or SSO).

  • Authenticate against Hadoop clusters and databases through Kerberos

  • Support users impersonation for full traceability and compliance

Advanced monitoring
  • Dedicated dashboards help administrators and project managers to keep track of:

  • Global Dataiku activity.

  • Datasets’ size and location per repository.

  • Cluster and DB tasks activity.

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