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Data exploration and Visualisation

Get instant insights from your data, whatever their size or format, and share with your teams.
Create data visualisations in one click
  • Drag and drop data to create graphs from over 25 built-in chart formats, for enhanced data exploration and immediate visual insights.

  • Develop your own custom data visualisation applications using HTML, Javascript, Bokeh (Python) or Shiny (R).

  • Publish and share all your insights with business stakeholders thanks to Dataiku dashboards.

Get instant insights from your datasets
  • Create automatic reports on your datasets and point potential data quality issues.

  • Generate univariate and multivariate statistics to produce detailed datasets audit report.

  • Filter and search your data as easily as you would in Excel. 

  • Leverage your business and domain knowledge by using custom semantic meanings in your analyses.

  • Scale your analytics by transparently running on Spark, Hadoop or SQL engines to produce insights.

Analyse interactively your data with Python, R and SQL notebooks
  • Discover and plot data with interactive (REPL) notebooks.

  • Integrates Jupyter for advanced code coloration and completion (Python and R).

  • Create your own updatable custom reports.Use predefined Python-based Jupyter Notebooks for your advanced analytics tasks (topic modeling, time series forecasting…)

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