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For Business Analysts

Have more impact on AI projects and steer your (career) path to data science.
Advantages For Business Analysts

New types of data, tools, and technologies are shaping the jobs of analysts, taking them in exciting new directions.

Dataiku’s automated ML features make it possible for analysts, no matter their level of expertise, to reap the benefits of data science without advanced coding, engineering, or even training. Dataiku’s visual and automated platform covers the whole data pipeline, making data science and machine learning an extension rather than a limit to analysts’ current capabilities and skill sets.

Data Access

Easily connect to and start exploring any and all types and sizes of data - from Excel to Hadoop.

Data Exploration

Without relying on either advanced training or coding, quickly discover trends & patterns in large datasets and create accessible visual reports to communicate findings to teams at large.

Data Preparation

Increase your productivity and shorten the time to value on your projects with interactive and visual data cleaning, enrichment, & transformations.

Automated ML

Use AutoML& AI features to quickly uncover or predict patterns in large datasets without needing to dive deep into the intricate math and coding constituents of data science and machine learning.
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