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Redsilver Technology is a new age firm focused in the areas of Engineering Solutions, Automation and Data Analytics. We work with the best of industry products to offer a range of solutions addressing various market segments and industry verticals. 

In the crowded and competitive market space of today, solutions are available from various products and technology vendors, but, by being focused on specific customer needs and requirements and customizing our solutions to derive the best value for our customers, solving the most unique problems, offering that little edge to our customers in their business, while being a challenge, are the KRA's (and KPI's) that we intend to measure our journey, in terms of milestones (loyalty), year after year.


We are confident that this focus will lead us to longer and larger engagements with our existing and new customers and a strong validation of our capabilities, expertise and commitment. 

Next steps, reach out to us with your business challenges and requirement by filling in your details on the contact form, on our Contact page, or just call us on +91 7338415966 to discuss further!

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Redsilver Technologies is a products, solutions, software development and services firm, with a strong focus and belief in offering its customers true value, in terms of better business insights, improved business processes and a comparative market edge.


Simplify and improve, existing design, systems and business processes.


Partner with customers and help collate, simplify and improve, existing design, systems and business processes. Gain more in-depth understanding to gain a competitive edge.


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Redsilver Technologies offers its customers, solutions, that align with their business needs.  We offer solutions that cover a range of design, development, simulation, data analysis, machine learning, engineering and scientific needs. A select range of solutions, customized, to help customers drive business growth, stay competitive, improve operational efficiency and predict business outcomes.  Our solutions are focused at end customers, engineers, scientists and researchers from most market verticals like government, defense, corporates, and research and development.

Our solution offerings span some of the following main areas:


  • Engineering and Scientific Software Solutions

  • IoT, Automation and Robotics

  • Data Analytics, Machine Learning and AI and Dashboarding Solutions

The last decade has been the most decisive in terms of technology, banking and the global economy. The decade, that saved nations and global corporations from bankruptcy and complete economic dissolution due to government intervention across many a nation. A decade, of business challenges. The growth of the internet, cloud hosted solutions and smart mobile technologies, an invasion and adoption of technology by the global masses meant businesses globally needed to keep pace with this changing end-user adoption and demanding business environment the world over.


Customers have begun demanding more for less and that means businesses need to meet and fulfill the same in real-time. The telecom sector has seen tremendous adoption and growth of mobile telephony and this spawned has spawned off major investments and adoption of mobility solutions into sectors like Education, Banking, E-Commerce, E-Governance, BPO etc.

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In the fast paced world of business, the lines between waking hours, working hours and leisure hours are blurred.  In today's “continuous technological advancements” filled world of business, applications and productivity solutions with their project management, productivity improvement, continuous development, and online meetings are happening on the go.  Businesses are working overtime to achieve greater productivity and higher ROI. By leveraging the latest technologies, across domains, businesses can solve various operational issues quickly, systematically and efficiently and manage rapidly evolving complex business processes and their increasing system complexities.


Helping customers, maximize on their IT investment, minimize on TCO and develop rapid responses to competitive threats is a continuous work-in-progress and we pride ourselves in working with our customers closely and over sustained periods of time, finding solutions that give them a competitive edge over their competitors.

With a well-defined and mature system requirements gathering and scoping process, we support the entire software development lifecycle with our select tie-ups and tools and technologies. Our extensive domain knowledge means that we develop applications to meet your requirements, seamlessly integrating with existing heterogeneous systems and applications. With detailed task based, milestones driven and metrics based development phases, we leverage our niche experience and expertise to develop and deploy world-class applications. Business processes are built for change, dramatically improving the scalability and adaptability of our solutions to your organizations growing needs.


Where there is a need for customized software development and feature enhancements, we are open to Service Level Agreements (SLA) based software development and delivery on large critical projects, combined with web-based tracking tools to ensure enhanced quality of software development throughout the application development to the final deployment and support process. Onsite and offsite delivery mechanisms are possible through established offshore development resources and dedicated offshore centers based on customer needs.

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