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Data Preparation and Enrichment

Dataiku lets you interactively clean & enrich your data with a simple visual interface. Use over 90 built-in visual processors for code-free data wrangling.
Clean and enrich data interactively
  • Easy access to over 80 built-in visual processors for code-free data wrangling.

  • Automatically-suggested contextual transformations.

  • Perform mass actions on your data.

Perform visual data transformations
  • Use visual “Recipes” for the most frequent data transformation tasks. 

  • Scale your data transformation pipelines by fully running in-database (SQL) or in-cluster (Spark, Hadoop).

  • Access and modify the generated code to adapt to your needs.

Use integrated advanced processors
  • Access a rich library of built-in processors:

  • Text processing

  • Dates processing

  • Geo data

  • URL, Email, JSON, IP Address validation and processing

  • Country codes, currency conversion

  • Excel-like formulas

  • Many others…

  • Use formulas and Python macros for custom processing.

  • Create your own custom types specific to your business needs for data quality checks and processing.

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