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Coding in Dataiku

Coding and programming a top choice and first-class citizen on the platform.
Everything you need to code at your fingertips
  • Write code with the most popular languages for data science and machine learning libraries.

  • Code your way using either the embedded code editor, Jupyter notebooks, or your favorite IDE including VS Code, PyCharm, or RStudio.

  • Version your work, collaborate with others, and leverage any Git hosted service.

  • Use the full-fledged API to manage models, pipelines, automation, and more.

Run your code with infinite compute resources
  • Provision on-premise and cloud-based computing resources in one-click.

  • Unleash the computational power of GPUs to train and score heavy Deep Learning models.

  • Scale job execution and ML model training with Spark &Kubernetes clusters.

  • Push down computations to external processing engines or cloud data warehouses.

Effortless deployments and improved DevOps efficiency
  • Orchestrate data science pipelines and automate monitoring.

  • Deploy your models as real-time containerized APIs with native queuing, parallelism, and load balancing.

  • Monitor and compare your deployments and update or rollback at any time.

  • Export your models to allow tight integration with complex applications.

Showcase your insights and deliver impact
  • Build custom visualizations using Bokeh, Shiny, or any best-in-class JS libraries, or generate high-quality reports with R Markdown.

  • Deploy advanced webapps with hosted and scalable backends based on Kubernetes.

  • Package your work into shared libraries, plugins and applications to ensure reusability by other team members.

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