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Workflows, Automation and Monitoring

Dataiku lets you deploy workflows easily with safe versioning and rollback. Then automate your deployments as part of a larger production strategy.
Manage your data pipelines
  • Dataiku lets you package a whole workflow, optionally including data and models, as a single deployable and reproducible package.

  • Install dedicated automation instances of Dataiku to run your exported workflows.

  • Provides for fully staged deployment models: from dev to test to preproduction to production, all within a single UI.

Deploy models to production in one click
  • Empower analysts and data scientists to deploy models into production in a few click

  • Data cleaning, enriching, preprocessing, as well as models, are bundled together for simplified scoring pipelines.

  • Deployed models are versioned, enabling users to deploy new versions, compare them and rollback at anytime.

Automation Scenarios
  • Builtin orchestration tool with task management, advanced triggering policies, and notifications.

  • Implement automation scenarios either directly within the interface or using Dataiku Python scenario API.

  • Fully API-driven: easily integrate with an external orchestrator thanks to the DSS REST API.

  • Automatically start your workflow when data changes or based on customizable conditions.

Monitor processing and data
  • Dataiku DSS’ dashboard monitoring helps you rest assured that your deployment runs smoothly.

  • Implement automatic data validation policies – critical data or model metrics can be checked at each run.

  • Track and visualize your models’ drift over time.

Safe versioning and rollback
  • Manage all versions of your workflows, easily review changes and activate new versions.

  • When things go wrong, Dataiku is there to help: rollback and be assured that your workflow will remain consistent.

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