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For Data Engineers

Manage, Operationalize, & Monitor Enterprise ML Pipelines & AI Services
Advantages For IT Professionals And Data Engineers

In today’s rapidly evolving data-driven ecosystem, driving ML and AI innovation is key to an organization’s long term success. But enabling enterprise-wide innovation doesn’t happen overnight. As IT Professionals and Data Engineers, you know better than anyone that existing architectures, infrastructures, and security sometimes stand in the way of transformation.
With Dataiku, easily transform compliance, governance, enablement, and scalability into the enablers of innovation and change, rather than into its bottlenecks.

Data Governance

Manage availability, serviceability, consistency, and security of your enterprise’s data from one central location.


Leverage your existing distributed storage and processing infrastructures (SQL, Spark) to deploy and manage containerized services at scale.
Scale job execution and ML model training with Docker & Kubernetes.


Automate, operationalize, and monitor data pipelines without having to rewrite custom prediction code or re-think existing infrastructures with Dataiku’s dedicated model deployment API.

Code & Integration

Build end-to-end solutions and services from scratch with the languages and tools you already know and love (R, Python, Scala…) with Dataiku’s transparent SDK or leading GUI.

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