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Redsilver Technologies is a solutions firm with a strong focus on offering its customers, true value, in terms of increased business insights and improved business processes, leading to world-class products, meeting the given constraints of time and money, while improving and achieving new quality standards.  This involves integration of many multi-disciplinary tools, teams and technologies, most often, working in silos, across the world, in different time zones. 


We offer solutions that cover a wide array of applications and solutions combining to help drive business growth, competitive edge and business intelligence while improving operational efficiency and predicting business outcomes.  We help and address the needs of end customers like engineers, scientists, researchers and academicians spread across various market segments like corporates and government.

Our solutions span the following broad Technology and Solutions domains :

Vast improvements in product design, product development methodology, product prototyping, product testing and validation, manufacturing and quality control has been facilitated and brought about by a range of software solutions for various needs from computer aided design (CAD), computer aided engineering (CAE), finite element analysis (FEA), multi-physics modeling, multi-body simulation, computer aided manufacturing (CAM), additive manufacturing, statistical process control (SPC), statistical quality control (SQC), to the latest domains of machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) etc. for a more optimized, differentiated and competitive product and least time to market.


Businesses need to manage the entire process of product design, development and launch, very efficiently in the present competitive market scenario. Launching a product in the shortest possible time frame requires complete Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), addressing the need to effortlessly integrate the multiple teams, tools and technologies that exist in a Multi disciplinary and Multi domain world of products and product solutions.


Helping customers in these multi-disciplinary areas with solutions that add value, bridging the gaps in the entire product development, manufacturing and management process, is the need, we at Redsilver Technologies, strive to fulfill to the best of our customer needs.

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Researchers say by 2020 and beyond we will have 20+ billion connected devices using various forms of IOT, using various networks or a combination of them, GSM, WiFi, LoRa, Zigbee, Fiber Optics, wired etc. to work on areas like Condition Monitoring, Predictive Maintenance, Prescriptive Maintenance addressing areas like Home Automation, Building Automation, Industrial Automation, Industrial IOT, Asset Management, Hospital Management, Inventory Management, Warehousing Solutions, Supply Chain Management, Transportation Systems and Vehicle Tracking, Smart City solutions, Driverless cars and Automotive solutions,  Patient Monitoring and Medical Analytics, Agriculture, Irrigation, Soil Monitoring etc. the needs and requirements seem endless in today's more and more connected world. 

Internet of things is evolving at a very rapid pace.  From the initial days of simple network of interconnected devices with their embedded sensors connected to routers, gateways/controllers and from onsite/localized to cloud based solutions, primarily for condition monitoring and process control we today see an marked increase in terms of customer needs, process needs, value proposition etc.  which means, besides the regular process controls and condition monitoring, now being able to offer predictive and prescriptive solutions which means continuous data collection, continuous monitoring of the systems, analyzing data and results locally (or on the edge without time lag or latency), predicting outcomes, based on the present state and advising prescriptive measures to keep the process continuous and minimize and avoid downtime's. 

Customers have begun demanding more for less and businesses need to meet and fulfill the need in real-time. The telecom sector has seen tremendous adoption and growth of mobile telephony and bandwidth, and this has spawned has spawned off major investments and adoption of mobility solutions into sectors like Retail, eCommerce, Banking, Finance, Education, e-Governance, BPO etc.

In the fast paced world of business and daily lives, the lines between waking hours, working hours and leisure hours have blurred. Today's technological advancements filled world of manufacturing, production, retail, warehousing, logistics, transport etc. have spawned business applications, productivity solutions, agile methods, continuous developments and given rise to online shopping, manufacturing, online health, banking etc. Businesses are working overtime to achieve greater productivity and higher ROI while retaining customer loyalty.

But the above task is easier said than done with millions of users, buyers, visitors, offers, discounts all generating gigabytes and Penta bytes of data which is humanly impossible to track, save, clean, collate, analyze and make decisions. 


Data analysts, software developers, data scientists and top management are continuously investing and continuously developing, training, modelling and deploying business models using statistical data analysis routines for business intelligence or statistical data analysis routines for machine learning or deep learning models for Artificial Intelligence.  All in the hope of finding answers to complex data patterns, customer buying behavior and other predictive/prescriptive business challenges.

By leveraging the latest technologies and algorithms in areas like Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), across domains, businesses can automate or solve various design, testing, operational issues quickly and systematically and better manage rapidly evolving complex businesses with increasing system complexities.  Redsilver Technologies has some of the best people and technology relationships to ease these challenges.

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